Sunday, September 15, 2019

Two Most Powerful Ways To Index Backlinks

As an SEO analyst, you all use to create backlinks. So, what's next? After you create high quality and informative backlinks, the next step would be to index those backlinks to search engine database especially Google.

Backlink Indexing

So in this post, we will be discussing about the two most powerful ways to index backlinks one by one. So, here we go:

Blog Post + Google Webmasters Trick for Indexing

  • In this technique, you need to create a blog on popular blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc.
  • Now do Google Webmasters setup for your Blog. You can use HTML tag to verify the ownership of blog on Google Webmasters/Google Search Console.
  • Next, you need to create a content rich post like 20 best profile creation websites, 15 do-follow social bookmarking websites, 50+ business listing websites etc.
  • Now, add relevant anchor text for the post and place hyperlink on each anchor like shown below:
  • The anchor should be the name of the website and hyperlink should the relevant backlink created at that website.
  • Place 20-25 backlinks like this and publish your post.
  • After publishing the post, you need to copy the URL of the post and go to Google Webmasters.
  • In the inspect URL box, simply paste the blog post URL and hit enter.
  • Google Webmasters will search the indexing status of blog post and will return it as non-indexed URL.
  • Now, you will be having option of "Request Indexing". 
  • Click on "Request Indexing" and wait for the indexing request to complete
  • Once it is done, you need to wait and check indexing of post URL. You can check the same by going to Google search after 10 minutes.
Link Indexing
  • Type site:post URL and hit enter.
  • The URL will be indexed. After 24 hours 60-70% of backlinks from that post will get indexed. You can check the status the very next day.
  • You can post more blog posts like this and repeat the procedure.
  • After 48 hours, and after checking final indexing, delete the post.
  • You can use all CMS that allow addition of Google Analytics or HTML tag for Google webmasters setup.

Inexpensive Paid Indexing Service

  • If you think the above technique is time consuming and you have a good budget to spend on some paid indexing service, then I have another good option for you.
  • The second and another good technique to index your backlinks within 24 hours and without any hassle is to make use of "Elite Link Indexer" service.
Elite Link Indexer
  • You can get a starter plan of $10 per month. It will allow you to submit 10,000 backlinks for indexing per month.
  • Elite Link Indexer also provide an indexing rate of up to 70% within 24 hours.
As now you are aware of the two best and most effective techniques for indexing your backlinks, I would suggest you to implement them today.

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