Monday, June 22, 2020

5 Most Popular Digital Marketing Platforms in 2020

With the advancement of technology, Digital Marketing has dominated the traditional ways of marketing business products and services. As, most purchase decisions are made based on the reviews, ratings, marketing and other factors, therefore most brands are shifting to Digital ways of marketing their products. The primary role in Digital Marketing is played by marketing platforms. Today at One Stop SEO Guide, we will learn about 5 Most Popular Digital Marketing Platforms in 2020.


Google is the world’s #1 search engine and a major marketing platform. Most business and websites tries to rank higher in Google search results. For this they use SEO and Google Ads. Google Search results are divided into 2 parts. One is Organic search results that can be achieved with SEO and other is Paid search results that can be achieved using Google Ads.


YouTube is the #1 video streaming platform and the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Due to these facts, it is considering to be the best platform for promoting business products and services right after Google. You can run paid ads on YouTube using Google Ads platform, Influencer Marketing campaigns with the help of YouTube Influencers. You can also run your Business Channel to post promotional and engaging videos for free.


Quora is the #1 Q&A website in the world and is increasingly becoming popular among the Digital Marketers year by year. With an overwhelming response from the users, the Quora has been pushing hard to make it the best website for Q&A and Marketing. Digital Marketers uses Quora for driving traffic to various websites. You can promote the business products and services using Q&A, Quora Ads and Spaces.


Facebook is the #1 Social Media platform in the world and one of the major marketing platform after Google and YouTube. Due to its large user base and user engagement level, Facebook has came up as a very good tool for promoting business products and services. You can use Facebook Business Accounts, Pages, Groups, Facebook ads and Influencer Marketing for marketing business products and services.


Instagram is the 2nd largest social media platform after its parent company Facebook. Initially it was basically a Photo and short video sharing app. But Facebook Inc. gave a major makeover to it and developed it as a major marketing platform as well. You can run Instagram ads (via Facebook Ads Account) and consider Influencer Marketing for promotion of business products and services.

These were the 5 Most Popular Digital Marketing Platforms in 2020 that one can use to promote its business brand, products and services in organic and paid way. Do you have any other platform in your mind? Leave a comment for us.

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